Software Options

Pharos Uniprint is a time tested software solution that helps you recover printing costs and virtually eliminate printing abuse by transferring printing accountability to the end users. From print monitoring, through print tracking, to print accounting, Uniprint makes print control easy. It also has unmatched flexibility in adapting to the individual characteristics of a host network and is able to support a variety of devices and card systems.                        

Adobe PDF and the widely available Adobe Reader software are the de facto standard for interactive viewing and sharing of documents and other content across computers and systems, regardless of platform or device. Use Adobe Reader to create, view, search, digitally sign, verify, print and collaborate on PDF files.                        

Alchemy document management software helps you create electronic file cabinets by scanning, capturing and storing documents in secure digital archives.                        

Capella MegaTrack
Monitor, track and report all printer-and copier-related actions and costs with Capella MegaTrack Job Accounting. Capella MegaTrack Job Accounting can help you to reduce your operating costs, increase accountability, and free up IT resources.                        

Fine Print
Fine Print is a Windows printer driver that saves ink, paper and time by controlling and enhancing printed output. Some of its capabilities include Print Preview, Watermarks, Headers and Footers, Combine Print Jobs and Paper Scaling.                

HP AutoStore
HP AutoStore and EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender provide a reliable document capture and management framework so you can retrieve documents quickly and securely, and control information access. HP AutoStore is able to streamline business processes and enhance document workflows by digitally capturing, processing and routing paper based data to document management applications, network folders, fax services, and printers.                        

Optio Software
Optio solutions manage and enhance mission-critical output from virtually any platform or operating system. Backed by engineering expertise and responsive customer service, our products support output from initial design through the full document lifecycle and smoothly scale to meet new processing demands.                        

PDF Factory
PDF Factory products offer a unique approach to PDF creation that is simpler, more effective and less expensive than that offered by other programs. PDF Factory is the standard version for creating PDF files and allows users to instantly create PDF documents from single or multiple sources. PDF Factory Pro is for those who need secure PDFs (legal documents, corporate information, etc.) and other advanced features including archiving support and integrated jobs tabs.                        

PDF RAT Standalone splits a multiple page PDF input file into individual PDF output files, while extracting indexes and searchable fields defined from splitting criteria that you determine. The output can be filed or archived to common database applications through to enterprise wide document management systems such as Optika® Acorde™, FileNET® Panagon™, IBM ImagePlus™, IMR Alchemy®, and many others.                        

PrintSoft’s powerful and flexible software product suite creates highly targeted, personalized customer communications for print, web and electronic distribution and viewing. PrintSoft offers innovative Variable Data Printing (VDP) solutions designed to meet a broad range of business requirements with speed and efficiency.                        

Ultraware / Alto Imaging Software
Ultraware is a suite of modular, open-architecture, easy-to-use Windows applications. It provides an end-to-end production printing system addressing image capture, manipulation, printing, and content management.  For more information on any of our software solutions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.