Our Values

Laser Plus is a strong believer in becoming more environmentally focused. In conjunction with HP, Laser Plus works to provide customers with environmentally friendly solutions.

Reduce environmental impact
Reducing the volume of paper consumed is a key step for many organisations wishing to minimize their environmental impact. Laser Plus offers a range of managed print services which helps companies streamline and minimize the cost of office printing through a complete hardware and service offering. These solutions not only help organisations increase their digital capabilities, but also reduce the need for faxing and printing. When printing is required, Laser Plus can also provide additional solutions such as HP’s automatic duplex printing software which allow you to further reduce your paper consumption. Read more about HP's focus on reducing their environmental impact.
Reduce energy use
Energy consumption and the move towards reducing global carbon emissions have prompted HP to create a new range of energy-efficient solutions. Such solutions include automatic power reduction after a designated period of inactivity, sleep and wake-up modes, automatic switching off of devices on nights and weekends, and instant-on technology. Read more about HP’s Instant-on Technology.

Businesses can access and analyze valuable data from their printing fleets that can be used to bolster green credentials, reduce environmental impact and evaluate management strategies and document progress along the way. Customers who benefit from HP Web Jetadmin printer management software and the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator can now enjoy all of those functions in a single application, which can create scenarios to study specific functions to focus on energy, carbon footprint and paper-savings, then create reports for forecasting improvement and efficiency.

HP are also grading their products, and awarding those products which meet strict environmental guidelines as set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. HP's ENERGY STAR® qualified products save you money by reducing energy costs and helps protect the environment without sacrificing features or performance. Read more about HP’s ENERGY STAR® qualification..
Drive to reduce and recycle

In addition to designing and manufacturing innovative and environmentally focused products, HP also offers a range of options for people and companies wishing to get rid of used hardware, including donating to charity, recycling, trade-in, or returning the products for cash. HP’s Planet Partners Programme provides an easy and cost effective way to recycle computer equipment, printing supplies, rechargeable batteries and other items. Read more about HP’s Planet Partners Recycling Program.

For more information on HP’s Eco solutions or on how you can participate in HP’s recycling and reuse programmes click here..