Software Solutions

Laser Plus can offer a variety of software solutions to help you achieve cost savings and greater workflow efficiencies. Our solutions include:

Cost Recovery
Cost recovery looks at all areas where expenses can be reduced and costs can be maximised. Our cost recovery solutions find ways to eliminate unnecessary costs incurred from having excess capacity, non-standardised or outdated equipment, and unmanaged user printing. They also provide tools for developing printing and imaging policies aimed at reducing printing costs and waste.

As more and more organisations focus on moving from a traditionally paper based environment towards a computer-based work environment, there is an increased need for organisations to store important information digitally. Archiving software allows for automatic filing of important documents and can provide your organisation with long-term retention and faster searching capabilities for rapid retrieval of these documents.

Document Management
Document management is a method of tracking and storing electronic documents and images. This process can help organisations reduce time spent looking for files, increase security of important documents and allow for increased collaboration between staff members. Common features of our document management systems include: location, filing, retrieval, security, disaster recovery, retention period, distribution and availability, and traceability.

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